Friday’s Fantastic Finds

It’s Friday! Welcome to another Friday’s Fantastic Finds —  here’s a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 


Happy Friday! Welcome to another Friday's Fantastic Finds -- here is a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 

I’m so glad Friday is here! This week has been a crazy one. It started off with Britton deciding to go exploring in the middle of the night. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, he also takes turns climbing on his sleeping brother or his (trying to sleep) parents! So it’s like three or four different trips putting him back in his bed and everyone trying to go back to sleep. After a few days of this, Briton caught a cold. But that’s what happens when you party all night, right? Hopefully this stage will be short lived. I really, really hope!

so now, let’s check out this weeks Friday’s Fantastic Finds…

Fantastic Must Have: Comfy Pajamas. I love a nice cozy pair of pajamas. These would be perfect for a gift or for yourself!

Such cute pajamas for her!

Fantastic Winter Wardrobe Item: Boucle Drawstring Sweater. This sweater is so pretty…I love the drawstring detail.

This boucle drawstring sweater is so pretty!


Fantastic for Everyone: Rustic Leather Key Chain and Headphone Wrap. My husband needs one of these so bad. Every time I see him searching around the house…I know exactly what he can’t find. 

This leather key chain and headphone wrap is perfect for everyone!


Fantastic Dessert: Delicate Chocolate Cake. My oh my, this is the cake for me!

Delicate Chocolate Cake


Fantastic Holiday DIY: Christmas Baby Onesie. This little baby onesie is so cute…perfect for a gift or for your own little ones!
DIY Cute Christmas Onesie


Fantastic Words of Wisdom: Love this quote because it’s so true…
Nothing can dim the light

Have a fantastic weekend friend!

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