Friday’s Fantastic Finds


It’s Friday! Welcome to another Friday’s Fantastic Finds– here’s a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 


 It's Friday! Welcome to another Friday's Fantastic Finds-- a little roundup of what caught my eye this week!

Man….I’ve missed talking to you! This past week has been the longest, most tiring week EVER. It all started on last Saturday, the day after my husband and I’s wedding anniversary. We were down in Denver eating breakfast when we got a call from Grandma. Little Britton had the stomach flu and it was pretty bad. So we immediately packed it up and headed home. I’ll spear you all the icky details and just say…it’s been a mess (from both ends 😉 ) and it’s been exhausting. Even today….almost a week later…little Britton is still only about 50% back to normal. This mama is beat and all I want to do tonight it get take out and veg on the couch with some Netflix. 

Speaking of Netflix, my hubby and I just started watching the first season of Games of Thrones. I’ve heard people rage about it but I’ve always dragged my feet. Well when you have a sick kid, you get a little less picky. And I have to admit….I’m surprised. We are now into season 2. Are you fan? All I know for sure is I don’t like Joffery…at all. 🙁

Since little B is starting to slowly get better, I found some time this morning to sneak away a create this weeks Friday’s Fantastic Finds. I hope you enjoy it!

Fantastic Yard Goals: I really want to work on our yard this year. I’ve been thinking of adding some hostas but was unsure of what to combine with them. I like this combo of hostas with astible, just not sure if they do well in Colorado?

hosta and astible


Fantastic Spring to Summer Outfit: I saw this from Stitch Fix and thought it was adorable. I’ve been noticing the trend of off-the-shoulder tops and I think they are so cute. My Stitch Fix is set to arrive next Friday! 

Casual Spring Outfit with cute cargo shorts and off-the-shoulder top

Fantastic Must Get: Initial Necklace. I have a thing for initial necklaces. It’s like wearing the ones you love right next to your heart. 🙂 

Beautiful initial necklace --- love it!


Fantastic Dessert: Salted Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake. I have to make this one for the boys. I’m pretty sure they will devour it!

salted caramel apple upside down cake


Fantastic Want:  Metallic Copper Birkenstock. Birkenstocks have been popular in Colorado forever. Heck, my hubby still wears a pair, sometimes with socks. (I know. I tell him, don’t be THAT person! LOL) I’ve had a few pairs myself…BUT none as cool as these metallic copper ones! I got to get a pair.

Metallic Cooper Birkenstock


Fantastic Words of Wisdom:  I’ve always loved this quote and with all the Spring flowers in bloom…I couldn’t help but share it. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

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