Friday’s Fantastic Finds


It’s Friday! Welcome to another Friday’s Fantastic Finds– a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 


Friday's Fantastic Finds at Inspiration for Moms

It finally snowed. I know what you’re thinking, big deal. But when you live in Colorado you kinda except snow in February. Instead it’s been in the 70’s. So I love seeing the snow again. Plus it gave my a reason to make my favorite Taco Soup in the slow cooker. Now all I need is a good Nexflix show and I’m set for the whole weekend. Got any good suggestions?

 Fantastic Winter to Spring Outfit: I was on Pinterest last night and found this great outfit. I love how put together this look is, but super simple too. 

winter to spring casual mom outfit


Fantastic DIY: Stainless Steel Bowl Hanging Planter. I love the simplicity of this project! Anyone could do it…

diy stainless steel bowl hanging basket


Fantastic Organizing Must-Have: My older son broke our hallway mirror that we used to hang our coats. So I’ve been thinking this week about designing a new entry way look. I am pretty sure these shelves are going to make their way to my wall. (When stuffs on sale…I just can’t resist!) I think I’m going to grab a few of these baskets too! 

wood wall shelf for organizing


Fantastic Dessert: Homemade Baked Sugar Donuts. Oh my…if I learn how to make these, I could be in trouble! 😉 

baked sugar donuts


Fantastic Beauty Helper: Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara. I have been using this for about a month and the results are amazing. Much fuller, thicker looking lashes. Me likey! 

Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

Fantastic Words of Wisdom: This print just arrived at my house. I hope to hang it up in the dining room this weekend. If the whole world only thought this way, imagine the difference. 

build a bigger table print

Have a fantastic weekend!

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