Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday and …

happy halloweenie

This morning I was going to attend my sons Halloween Party, but with my with chest cold I decided I should probably skip. I felt bad to let little man down, but I guess you can’t always be super Mom. Hopefully I can pull it together for some trick-or-treating later. I’ve heard some people may even have snow tonight. Yikes! Bundle up everyone!

For this Friday’s Fantastic Finds, I thought I would stick with the Halloween theme. Enjoy and have a fun Halloween Day! Don’t eat too many Snickers! 😉

Fantastic Halloween Treat: Easy Pumpkin Krispies Treat. How cute are these guys?



Fantastic Drinks: 8 Secret Starbucks Drinks. Did you know you could get into the Halloween spirit with a Franken Frappuccino?!



Fantastic Halloween Nails: Spooky Eyeball Nails. These are pretty cute! 🙂


Fantastic Words of Wisdom: So true.

getting over a painful experience


Fantastic Dip: Beefy Enchilada Dip. This would be a great dip to go along with some scary movies!



Fantastic Haunted Houses: 21 of the Creepiest Haunted Houses in America. Interesting read, but I’m never going to go see! Yikes!



Fantastic Halloween Dessert: Monster Caramel Apples. These look easy and super cute.



Fantastic Funny:


Have a fantastic weekend and be safe out there tonight! 🙂



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