Five Easy Steps to Creating a Fall Vignette

Were you like me,
  the first time you saw the word vignette you went, vig a what?
I had no clue what it meant or even how to pronounce it! 
I was introduced to the world of vignettes through a fall linky party.
I was like, make a fall vignette? Sure, not a problem.
Oh wait! What the heck is a vignette?!
In the world of interior design, a vignette is basically defined as 
creating arrangements or displays around your home.
Vignettes are perfect for entry way tables, the dining room, 

or even a few spots in your living room.

Now that we have defined a vignette, let’s talking about creating one.

With just five easy steps you can have a wonderful fall vignette in your home!

If you have never been that great at arranging your accessories or
maybe you are just looking for some new ideas,

check out my five easy steps in creating your own fall vignette.


Pick a place that is bare or maybe pick a spot that will 
be the center of attention in your home.
After all, you want your vignette to be seen, right?
 I have several vignettes in my home, but for this tutorial

I’m going to share my console table in my living room.

But keep in mind,
end tables and mantels also make great places for a creative fall vignette. 


Now it’s time to shop your home for some accessories.
Keep a simple color scheme with only two or three varying colors. 
Having items with different heights is important as well.
Some great examples of tall items might be stylish lamps, 
candlesticks, picture frames or even a vase full of flowers or leaf branches.
I chose a large vase full of fall bittersweet for my item of height.
I love the pop of color and body the bittersweet adds to my arrangement!   

Now that you have your supplies, you need to decide on a focal piece.
Your favorite mirror, a piece of art or picture can make a great anchor.
In my vignette, I used a mirror I made a few years ago.

Once you have your accessories, it’s time to decide on balance.
 I personally like everything to be symmetrical. 
I have experimented with asymmetrical and before you know it,
I’ve arranged them all back to being even!  I just can’t help myself. 🙂 

  But even with keeping symmetry in mind, 
I tend to group my accessories in items of three or five.
The reason for this is that they tend to be more visually pleasing.
(At least to my eye!)
But follow your instincts and go with what looks right to you. 

Now it’s time to layer your items starting from back to front, 
saving smaller items for last.

For some added texture I used baskets and a soft blanket. 

Now it’s time to step back from your vignette and edit.


I may rearrange a few accessories or even remove an item.
Elegant vignettes do not need lots of accessories.
  A simpler arrangement will seem cleaner and most times, even look better. 

Here’s another example of a different vignette in my home….
 my Autumn shelves.

 You can see how I put together this arrangement HERE.

 Do you love decorating for the fall?





  1. Love this – I’m ready for fall cooler temperatures and autumn joys just sounds like goodness all around. I love the layering and the wheat is perfect.

  2. You have so many pretty elements all combined for a stunning look. Great tips on putting together a fall vignette. Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday. Pinned and Tweeted.

  3. Fall is a beautiful time of year. I love what you did to bring it inside. Such great tips! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

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