DIY: Preparing For Love Day!


Since my little guy was so sick all of last week, I am behind in getting my Valentine’s Day gifts together. So today I have been busy….

For Valentine’s Day I have these super cute mailboxes and a special card from my little guy! I will explain the card in a bit. First, let’s talk mailboxes! I found these cute mailbox tins at Target in the $1 section! I snagged up 8 of them! I then dashed over to Hobby Lobby for some Valentine’s themed rub-on transfer stickers. 
I put our initials on the front and then rubbed-on some decorations! I thought I would add some flashy bling on the flag…So stinking cute!
And of course, I have some goodies stashed inside!! That’s the REALLY fun part!!
I also made some for Sebastian’s teachers! I hope they like them!!
And I thought the grandparents might adore them too. Although, I had to get a little creative with the names. But I think they will melt a few hearts! 🙂
Sebastian’s Valentine’s Day card turned out well.  It’s hard to get him to pose for pictures and this definitely required that! I took a picture of him making a fist. After it printed, I then cut a little hole above and below the fist to slide the sucker in. I wish I could say this was my idea, but I stole it from blogland! 
The poem however (because its amazing of course!) is written by me! I know…I know…I should give up blogging for a poetry writing career! Right! I do love the cards though and I know I will treasure it for years to come!! 

Tomorrow is the big day and I still have lots to do. So I am going to get back to work and start cleaning my house! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!!

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