DIY: My Resort….

Do you remember this photo I posted awhile back?

Well,the project is all complete. I actually finished it about two weeks ago. I would have finished this project even sooner but I got the flu and had company visiting. I don’t know how many of guessed what I was making, but if you guessed lounge chairs you would be a winner!! See….

I made these by following the plans from Knock Off Wood. I altered them a little by making the legs thicker with 4×4’s. I like the final look and the white color is very cooling to the mind.

I finally made a little resort for me in my own back yard. Can you see it now? A big refreshing drink, a soft cool breezy and a relaxing sunset behind the Rocky Mountains. Ahhhhhhh… this is what I am talking about!!!

View of the sunset from my chairs!
Although these chairs are not perfect, they are perfect for their intended use…a little R & R. Now, to only find the perfect cushions and this project will be complete! Oh, and some company, anybody available??

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