DIY: Dinosaur Silhouettes

When the time came to change my son’s nursery into a preschoolers room, I decided the new theme for his room would be dinosaurs. My son has an upper shelf border along the top of his walls and I have been struggling to find the perfect dinosaur decoration for this space. And then it hit me in the middle of the night…dinosaur silhouettes!

This idea can work for any theme. I shared the steps below to help you do this project.

First, you need to find something in your theme to trace on card stock.

Then you cut out the middle of the traced item leaving the edge completely connected.

After you have done that take your picture frame and remove the glass and lay it over the cut out, and center it. Then trace along the edge of the glass and cut. This will ensure that the cutout will be center in the frame and fit the frame perfectly!

Next, comes the creative part. I chose to use pieces of scrap paper to fill in my sihouette. I took my cut out and layed it on the scrap and traced around and then cut. 

Place the glass back in your frame, followed by the cut out and lastly the scrap paper. Place the back on your frame and viola’!!

And here’s what it looks like in my son’s room…

I have 3 frames with 3 different dinosaur cut-outs along every wall. I think it turned out pretty cute and it was a great, low-cost decoration!! Can’t beat that!


  1. This is a great idea! My son’s nursery is dino themed. I had to be creative, as it was hard to find dino decor.

    I have a question about the letters you did to spell out ROAR. The print looks like srap book paper that I have. Is it paper over wooden letters? How did you make them?



  2. Hi Katelyn!

    To answer your question about the ROAR letters…the letters are just cardboard letters I found at Hobby Lobby on sale.

    I then got 3 sheets of dinosuar scrap book paper. I traced the letters on to the paper, allowing for an 1-inch border on all sides. Then I cut out and glued the paper to each letter. I used the extra border to wrap around the sides of the letters. Hope that makes sense!! =)

  3. Thanks…I actually made the silhouettes. This post gives you all the steps to make you own, too! 🙂

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