I Have A Chic Mom Style Challenge For You!

‘No matter how you feel. Get up. Dress up. Show up. And never give up.’ Now who’s ready for a chic mom style challenge?!

This summer has got me in a clothes funk. Are you in one too? Since I have no daily school routine, I sometimes don’t leave the house for days. And that means I may stay in my pajamas for days as well! August is officially here and the back to school schedule is just around the corner. So I thought now is the perfect time for a 31 day chic mom style challenge! Just so you know, I’m not a fashionista by any means. But I am a mom who notices that when I put an effort into my outfits, I feel better about myself. When I wear my husbands sweats and baggy t-shirts — not so much. 😉 

So starting today…

and throughout the month of August, you’ll see me on Instagram (@inspirationformoms) wearing a chic mom outfit — or trying at least. Take note: this challenge is not about how much the clothes cost or comparing body type. It’s about dressing to feel confident and pretty.  The style of the challenge is a chic mom outfit of the day, casual, something you’d ACTUALLY wear all day — in public. Pajamas and sweatpants are a no-go! 

You have to get dressed every morning, so you might as well make it fun. Join the chic mom style challenge!

Now for the best part

how YOU can play along. Don’t forget this is about moms supporting moms – and I PROMISE nothing too crazy – so be sure to join in! Snap a selfie (mine will be a casual mirror selfie, too) and use the hashtag: #ChicMomStyleChallenge and be sure to tag @inspirationformoms so I can see your chic mom style outfit. If you’re a little hesitant to put yourself out there, have a girlfriend/sister/your mom try it, too. The point is to encourage each other to take a little extra time for us. I’ll then publish them (with your permission) into one big post at the end of August so you can all see all the stylin’ mom outfits.

I cannot wait to see your chic mom style and learn how this challenge hopefully inspired you. 

Who’s joining in?!


  1. How fun, I am the world’s worst about not putting on makeup or curling my hair. My outfits need a little help too, so I need to see if I can do this. Can’t wait to see what others are doing.

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