Can You Roar Like a Lion?

My son is asleep, tucked in the corner of his bed. My husband and I have kissed and said our good-nights. He is now in bed, resting from a full day of work. Our pug, Butters, has climbed on to the bed and has already started snoring. The family has turned in for the night…all except for one.

I sit at my computer and am alone with my thoughts. I love this time. All is quiet.

It’s a great time for reflection of my day.

I reflect on many different things. I think back to all the tasks I was able to complete. That’s always a good place to start. I think about dinner, if it was good and if I would make it again. The burgers weren’t bad, maybe a different seasoning next time. Still need to finish gathering stuff for taxes. It goes on and on…but then I stop and think about the best part of my day. Today Sebastian gave me a wonderful surprise and it filled my heart with joy!

I was reading to him an animal book, which I have read at least 100 times before. The book is about jungle animals and as I read the book I always make the animal sounds. I then ask him if he can repeat the animal sound, which he doesn’t. But, today, I made the roar sound with the lion and guess what? He roared right back to me with great passion!! It was the most perfect roar I have ever heard! I was so surprised! It was so neat! It was like he had been roaring his whole entire life! You would have never believed that was his first!

It’s kinda silly that moments like that make you so proud as a mother. I do realize that my son didn’t discover an amazing cure to a disease. But to me, he discovered a perfect way to warm his mother’s heart. And for that, he is amazing!

Photo by Mary Eliza Jade

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