Birthdays….To Much Expectation??

I think I have been official cursed when it comes to birthdays. Every year as my birthday approaches I start getting excited think of all the “special” things I will get to do on that day. I start planning and anticipating a day full of fun, laughter and great memories.

But I often find that my birthdays seem to be some of the most stressful and unhappy days of the year. I wonder, do I set my self up to fail? Do I put too much anticaption on that one day? Or should I simply just look at my birthday as another day were you get to eat cake?

When I look back over my life, I remember lots of birthdays where something goes bad, such as arguments, disappointments, even car accidents! Yep, that’s right, got in a car accident at the zoo trying to have a “special” day.

So am I alone in this experience? Does anyone else have birthdays that always seem to go bad? And if you are that person that is always having good birthdays, please be so kind to share your secret with me!


  1. I can relate and have had disappointing birthdays so to try to avoid that, I plan my own activities that are exactly what I want to do. Last year, I was able to spend it in Chicago with my sister and mother and did exactly what I wanted to do. It was so much fun!!! But if I wait for someone else to “suprise” me, I tend to be dissappointed because I only know what my mind desires. It’s worked for me. =) Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Thanks, Nirma! I think you may be on to something there!! Great advice and may I say a little comforting to know I am not alone!! 🙂

  3. ah man!!! I’m sorry your day was crummy! that’s not cool at all!! i wish i wasn’t so wrapped up in my own life issues because the me i want to be would have come and swept you up and treated you to lunch or something. I’m sorry!!!

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