Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Parents


With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to shop for your loved ones. Here’s a fun collection full of the best Christmas gift ideas for older parents!

Today I’m sharing my first ever Christmas gift ideas for older parents! I started thinking that shopping for older adults can be a tad tricky. My own mother is 87 and I often have no clue what to get her! So I went searching searching and created a roundup of the best gifts that are not only great for older people but grandparents as well. Many of the useful gift ideas can be a practical gift but also a very thoughtful gift that can be treasured for years or generations to come!

I’ll be sharing even more of the best Christmas gifts this week! But in the meantime, if you like, you can check out all of my prior years gift guides, many of which are still relevant and available to shop. So having said all of that, now let’s talk elderly parents gifts!

Below are a few notes on some of the items shown above! Side note: most of these gift are indeed intended for older loved ones or even grandparents. But I feel several of these gifts would also be great for spouses as well! Heck, I even want several of these items for myself. 🙂

Some Additional Details on the Older Parents Gifts

Mailbox Chime | A great idea because now there will be no more wasted trips to the mailbox! The Wireless Mail Alert System comes equipped with two handy devices: a sensor and receiver. Both work together to notify you when the mail has been delivered. And it’s able to fit several different types of mailboxes – from curbside, wall mounted to slotted!

New York Times Custom Birthday Book | Such the perfect gift idea! Commemorate a newsworthy birthday with a collection of the New York Times’ front pages from each year since your parents birth. And it’s personalized with name and birth date and preserved in a handsome library binding. Makes a wonderful gift or coffee book as well!

Bedside Essential Pocket | This gift keeps everything your parents need right beside their bed! Just tuck the sturdy flap between your mattress and box springs to hold everything from books to the remote control. Added bonus: it’s great for sliding under a couch cushion as well!

Friendship Lamp |  Connect with your parents on a daily basis, no matter where they live in the world. Touch your Friendship Lamp and their lamp lights the same color as yours. When they respond by touching their lamp back, both lamps will light a new color. And I love that you can add more lamps to join an additional family member! A great way to keep in touch and let loved ones know you are thinking about them. 🙂

Record Player | I never realized how many records my parents owned until recently when I helped move my mother. So many records with no way to play them. So if your parents have some classic records they haven’t heard in a long time, this player is the perfect way to hear their favorite tunes once again!

Personalized Family Recipe Board | Have a special recipe you want to treasure? Simply attach a scanned image of your recipe card, and the exact directions are etched in your loved one’s handwriting. It’s a beautiful personal gift and sentimental reminder that can be passed down generations after generation!

Indoor Garden Kit | If you have older folks that can no longer get outside and garden, this is a great gift idea. And since this is a hydroponics growing system – they won’t even need soil! No pests, no mess and the led lights even help the plants grow faster. Great gift that keeps on giving!

Additional Older Parent Gift Ideas

And just because I want to help you as much as possible, below are even more Christmas gift ideas for older parents. Click any of the images below for more details on each of the items shown.

More Gift Giving Ideas

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I hope you enjoyed this year’s older parents gift ideas! If you didn’t see anything here to buy, you can never go wrong with gift cards or a restaurant gift certificate as well. There are more gift ideas coming all week long. So stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. O I shopped til I dropped on black Friday having a broken foot it was all on-line again this yr too. I love how you shared so many great sites and ideas. Thank you and happy holiday.

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