Let’s Talk Favorite Beauty and Skin Products

Because we all want to look our best and we all need a little help to do it. Discover my all time favorite beauty and skin products!

I’ve never really talked about makeup and beauty items on the blog before. But I knew a great sale was coming soon and I wondered if I could help you find some great deals on products you love or introduce you to some new ones. I asked on Instagram if you would like me to write a post about my favorite items. I got an astounding YES! So today, let’s talk makeup.  I’ve put together a great list of all my favorite beauty and skin products I use daily.  

Because we all want to look our best and we all need a little help to do it. Discover my all time favorite beauty and skin products!


Like I mentioned before, now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites or try out some new items since it’s the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

You will need to sign up to be a Beauty Insider Member. But becoming a member doesn’t cost a thing and requires no commitment or minimum, and you’ll have complete access to the event! It’s organized by tier, so Rouge members have early access, then it’ll open up to VIB members, and finally to every Beauty Insider Member. All tiers will be able to shop the sale starting May 2! The event is happening in-store AND online so if you prefer to shop in your PJ’s on the couch like me…you totally can!

But before I begin showing you my favorites, full disclosure, I’m not a beauty blogger. I’m just mom in her forties trying to hold on to any youth I can! I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and I’m willing to try some new products. That’s kinda how my current makeup routine has evolved. So now, let’s chat about all the beauty things.

Primers + Foundations

Primers are something I stumbled upon about ten years ago. I never knew that in order for your foundation to look it’s best and stay all day, a primer has to go on first. Once I started using primers, I could totally see a difference! It was like a duh moment for me. 😉 I have a lot of red in my face so I have used this primer for years. I just started playing around with more luminous primers that can give your face a little dewy glow — and I really like this one. Heck at 43 (almost 44!), I need all the help to get a glow on this face.


Generally, when it come to foundation, I’ll try a new one every year. I’m constantly trying to find a good even coverage but I always want it to look as natural as possible. That’s not too much for a lady to ask for, right? Currently I have been loving this foundation cream. To get the color that matches my skin the closest, I’ve been mixing two colors together (fair and medium). So far, I’m liking the results. 



Concealers + Powders/Highlighters

This lady loves the concealers because I have super dark circles in the corners of my eyes. One of those gifts of motherhood. 🙂 So I have found a combination of a under eye corrector and a good concealer can help a ton. The corrector is actually something I put on before my foundation. But I categorized it here with the concealers. 


Because I am on the older side of life, a good setting powder for under the eye is a necessity. Otherwise I can get creases and no lady wants that on her face! Also I love this blush (been using it for years) and just feel in love with this highlighter wand over the past few months. 



Brow + Eye + Lip

My brows and I have a love/hate relationship. I waxed them a ton in my college years. Now I can hardly find them even though I stopped waxing like 12 years ago. (The irony!) So I’m always looking for eye brow products that will help me get a fuller, thicker brow. My absolute favor brow product right now is this brow quickie. It fills in my missing gabs and gives an instant appearance of a thick brow. Yes!


I just got this Tarte pallet and I’ve been loving it! It’s like the perfect combination of matte and microshimmer shades. Another little trick I’ve discovered in the past few months is applying a primer to the eye lashes. Yep. Another primer that makes a huge difference. I’ve noticed my lashes are now a tiny bit thicker and longer. And when I pair the primer with my favorite mascara…it’s like boom!


Lipstick is the one product I can not leave my house without. I even keep extra lipstick in all vehicles at all times, just in case. So you might guess that I definitely have a few favorites in this department. This lip gloss is one of my favorites that is always stashed in my SUV. 



Skin Care + Self Tanners 

Even though I’m in my forties, I try to keep my skin care simple. A good moisturizer with sunscreen is a must for the mornings. But at night, I remove my makeup and then wash and exfoliate. This exfoliator (made with charcoal) helps remove toxins and leaves my skin sooooo soft and smooth. It’s also extremely gentle, so I can use it every night. Then after I dry my face, I apply four drops of this face oil. My skin can often be dry and this oil has been helping with that tremendously! It’s suppose to reverse the signs of aging and I’m all for that! A little goes a along way, I’ve had the same bottle for over six months! 


Self tanners are a great way to add a little color to the body in the summer months. I’ve been experimenting with a few and have already found some favorites that I love. This one is great because it can be mixed with any body lotion — just add a few drops and apply. I’m loving this tanner because it doesn’t smell like a self tanner. YES! And this self tanner has the nicest glow with the easiest application ever — perfect for the face and neck.  


Below you can find all my favorite beauty and skin products. Just click on any image for more info!

I hope you found this post helpful and I gave you some new products to check out during the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event! Funny thing happened, as I wrote this post a few items have made their way into my cart too!! 🙂

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