And Then There Was You….

The year was 2006,
The day, 3rd of November.
My heart was full of joy,
An unbelievable moment to remember.
It was the day I meet you,
Face to face, kiss to sweet kiss.

Observing every perfect, precious detail,
nothing to be missed.

My life would never be the same,
The day I was blessed with you.

Each day that has passed since,
I have watched you grow and learn, too.
From crawling, to walking, to talking,
So proud to call you my son.
Your smile melts my heart,
Every hug is my favorite one.
Our time together
has had ups and downs.
Life’s unpredictable turns and twists,
always seem to come around.

But blessings have always been bountiful,
And love….always endless love.
And today, my little boy, marks four years
  since you were sent from above.

I know you are such a treasure, 
worth more than all this world’s gold.

A baby, then toddler, now a little boy
that is getting taller and harder to hold.

Please know today, and everyday (I hope)
That all I do….

Each action and decision I make 
is for the betterment of you.
I pray our journey together will be long and rich,
No end to the beautiful memories, laughter, and fun.

And may you know today on your birthday (and everyday)
that you are loved, that you are mommy’s priceless little one.

I love you and thank the Lord for one more remarkable year.
Happy, happy birthday my sweet dear.
Love, Mommy

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  1. What a beautiful “love letter” to one of the most amazing 4 year olds I know. Today I celebrate your blessing with you. I am so thankful for my precious nephew and give thanks for him (and his beautiful Mommy) every single day!

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