A Garage Clean Out Challenge…Week 3: Contain

that has turned into almost two months!
Oh well, that’s how I roll. 🙂

But, just so you know, I am making progress.
This weeks challenge was to contain.
So I have organized and contained some more stuff! 

I installed another peg board (love those!) and
I think I put it to good use.
My favorite part is the little shelf on top..

I placed car items there mostly because
I didn’t have very many of them and they are lite.
I am not quite finished with this side of the garage yet…
Additional shelves on this side will be helpful to store
all of my garden/pots/stuff.
Another area that has improved is here by the freezer…
I installed a shelf to keep my stereo and my new
organized tool box. I can now easily access my freezer
and find almost any tool I need almost immediately.
Which is totally awesome by the way!
I moved this wood shelf from across the garage to store my paints.
I decided to reuse a plastic milk crate to store my extra wood scraps.
I want to get rid of having any cardboard boxes on the floor of the garage.
(Don’t want to invite any critters in!)
I also relocated my saw and tools to this angled corner.
I cleaned the shelves from all my saw dust 
and reorganized all my tools.
I haven’t worked on this part of the garage…
I have plans for this corner though,
they include lots of trash and recycle bins.
To be continued…
If you would like to see my progress from the start:

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