21 Days To A Organized Home– Day 19: Organizing Vitamins and Supplements


Our vitamin and supplement area is totally out of control. My husband is the nutritionist in the family and he is always bringing home new supplements. So this area can get crazy…fast!

Since I don’t know what all these supplements are for or do, I asked my hubby to remove all the supplements and vitamins that we no longer use. He jumped on the task so fast that I didn’t get a good before picture. This is what he removed and saved on the counter…

A few years ago I tried to manage this area by adding a turntable. I think it does help, so it will stay.  I found a few baskets at Walmart that will also help organize this space.

In our home it is really hard to organize all the vitamins and supplements into just a few categories. I don’t think we have your average supply. So I just tried to organize as best I could. Plus, I knew that my husband would not keep everything in cute little clusters, so I wasn’t going to waste my time.

Here is how it looks now…

It is an improvement and I think my husband will maintain this too.

And speaking of supplements, I thought I would show you what I take. This is my breakfast cocktail every morning….

I also take a Vitamin D supplement, just forget this morning so that’s why it’s not in the picture. Opps.

I highly recommended curcumin…it helps reduce the amount of inflammation in your body. And that is a good thing!

If you would like to ask questions about any of my supplements feel free to leave me a comment. Or you are more than welcome to email, too!

So it’s your turn, go tackle those vitamins and supplements! 🙂

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