21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Day 20- Organizing Pots and Pans


There are so many fabulous ways to organize your pans and pots…

If some stranger rang my door bell and said they needed
to install these in my house… I would say, “Come on in friend!”

I would love to have pull out drawers like these. 
Everything has its own slot with lid….beautifully organized.

This kitchen just caught my eye. I don’t know if it was
the black color or the crazy amount of pans lining the walls.

Ok…now back to my reality. My pot and pans needed to be dealt with…

After reorganizing my glass bakeware, I knew the perfect accessory for this space…

I placed my big stock pot in back because I don’t use it very often. And I reorganized my other post as well.

And by the way, I didn’t put all the pots back. These guys will go to the donation box…

And here is how my pots and pans look now…

I just adore this pan organizer. It gives you more storage plus you can pull anything out easily. Easily being the key word! 🙂

I hope I gave you some great inspiration to help you organizing your own pots and pans. Tomorrow is the last day of the series..*sigh* 

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