21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Day 17- A Look In My Medicine Cabinet


Today I am going to show you how I  cleaned and organized my medicine cabinet. It’s ok…you can peek. 🙂

If you are a Seinfeld fan like me, you might remember the episode when Jerry finds the medicine cabinet open slightly and peeks. He then sees some fungicide cream which leads up to my favorite part of that show, the conversation later at the coffee shop….

  • Elaine: What were you doing opening her medicine cabinet?
  •  Jerry: I didn’t open it. It was open. I just nudged it a little.
  • Elaine: You were snooping.
  • Jerry: I was not snooping. I did not break the seal. There was no breaking and entering. I wouldn’t do that.
  • Kramer: I would. I always open medicine cabinets.
  • Elaine: Well, I trust people not to do that.
  • Kramer: Big mistake. 


My big mistake was neglecting my medicine cabinet for so long. It’s about time it got a good cleaning and some new organizational tools.

First I removed everything from the cabinet and washed the removable shelves. 

I then placed them back in. It was now time to grab my new goodies that I found at Target a few days ago.

The first one is my favorite…

It has tons of storage compartments. I love that!

I also picked up this small white tray…I thought I could use it too.

And I was right…it was the perfect size to hold the band-aids and Benadryl on the top shelf.

The second shelf holds the multiple storage organizer. Isn’t it a thing of beauty?! 🙂

I have tons of stuff stored here like nail files, deodorant, lip gloss, face soap/moisturizers and creams, floss, clippers, tweezers and hair bands. 

The bottom shelf keeps taller things…

like my deep cleansing soap, rechargeable toothbrush and my sons toothbrush/cup and toothpaste. 

My cabinet is so organized now that I actually took out a shelf. Can you believe that?! See…

I like this system so much better and it so easy to find everything I need, even when half asleep!

Oh, and before I go I thought I would say Hi…(even though I am in my baggy cleaning clothes)…

Keep cleaning and  keep organizing. Every positive step is a move in the right direction! 🙂

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