21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Day 15- An Organized Fridge


It’s time to get the fridge clean. My refrigerator wasn’t too bad, or at least that’s what I thought…

Ok…so some stuff on the door (peanut butter)  looks like it could fall out at any moment..still not to bad, right?

This part is pretty clean, just really disorganized. And yes, we like our pizza! 🙂 Weird,  do you notice it’s a little dark on the bottom half of the fridge? Hmmm. Anyway, this will be a snap to clean and organize.

The real surprise came when I removed all the bottom drawers and found this…

Now, really this picture does not explain the whole story. 

First, I discovered that the light down here had burnt out. Sooooo, that’s the reason for all the darkness. 

Second it is a mess! Yes, the bottom is dirty. But the real mess was behind the water hose. Do you see that tan line on the back of the fridge? It’s in the middle circle of the hose. That was some sticky goo that ran all the way down the back and landed under the hose into a huge sticky messy. Wonderful. 

I knew that was not going to be fun to clean. But, I rolled up my sleeves and told that goo it was threw! And I was right…goo be gone! 😉

I then washed out each drawer with soap and water and cleaned the glass tops. And started placing items back in..

First drawer is where I keep my cheese and deli meats. I added the little tray to keep my different soft cheeses organized. 

Next drawer is where I keep all my fruit. Right now it looks like all we eat is citrus. But I just haven’t gone shopping for the week yet. I find it’s easier to clean a pretty empty fridge rather than a packed full one. I placed a little tray in the drawer to keep my limes and lemons organized.

The bottom drawer is where I keep all my vegetables. 

That explains all the drawers, so let’s head to the top of the fridge. I have found that a turntable is a great tool for the fridge. I really love it!!

I like to keep my minced garlic, minced ginger, sour cream, red peppers, olives, soy sauce, etc. on the turntable. It saves a ton of room plus, I can easily access all items. Nothing gets pushed to the back, knocked over never to be found again. That problem is solved! 🙂

The door of the fridge keeps things like eggs, vitamins, flax seed, condiments, milk and juices.

Every time I clean the fridge, I am so glad that I did. Food can be so messy. And think about how many times a day you open that fridge door. 

Isn’t nice to see a clean and organized fridge lookin’ right back at you?! 

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