Yes, You Can! An Easy 15-Minute House Cleaning Schedule

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Maintain a clean and tidy home in just minutes a day! Discover the 15-minute house cleaning schedule that is going to completely change the way you think about cleaning your home.

Our routine for the past ten months or so is about to get flipped on its head. The school year is over and the boys are home. You know what this means right? The house is going to be a wreck! Or is it? In the past, the summer months have been hard for me to keep a clean home. But this year is going to be different! I recently learned how to maintain a clean home easily with a brand new 15-minute house cleaning schedule.

Maintain a clean and tidy home in just minutes a day! This 15 minute house cleaning schedule is going to completely change the way you think about cleaning.

I’m a busy mom and I know you are extremely busy too. There’s work to do, kids to raise, dogs to walk, dinners to make, laundry to fold… the list could go on and on. So spending a whole entire day just focusing on cleaning the house, ain’t gonna happen. But cleaning in a daily 15-minute block of time playing beat-the-clock can totally happen!

Now, if your house right at this very moment is a complete disaster – 15 minutes ain’t going to cut it. Sorry! This house cleaning schedule is for MAINTAINING a clean and clutter-free home in just 15 minutes each day. And one other thing to note — this is not about perfection. I had to remind myself of this because I am a perfectionist to the core.

The goal here with this cleaning schedule is to move quickly and really challenge yourself to see how much you can clean in just a short amount of time. You are going to be amazed at how much you can clean/tidy up in just 15 minutes a day!

So let me break it all down in a play by play, minute by minute!

Gather Your Supplies |1-2 Minutes

I’ve found all I need to get our home clean in a hurry is: paper towels/cleaning clothe, surface cleaner, trash bag, Swiffer WetJet Wood, air freshener and a timer! The great thing about these supplies — all of them can be found on Amazon!

Pick Up The Clutter | 5 Minutes

Grab the trash bag and start in the room that is the messiest. For me, that’s usually our living room. Pickup and put everything in that area away — even if that item belongs in another room. Don’t be distracted by the clutter you may see in the other rooms. Stay focused on the original room until it is clean/tidy. Then if you have time, move on to the next room. Anything that is trash, goes in the trash bag.

Load the Dishes | 3 Minutes

Let’s move to the kitchen now. Nothing drives me crazier than a sink full of dishes. UGH!! I know I can empty the whole dishwasher in under 3 minutes. So loading it up with whatever dishes are gathered in the sink is no sweat! And the joy you get from seeing a clean and clutter-free sink — priceless! 😉

Focus on Floors | 3 Minutes

Next, we are on to the floors. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing dirt and grim on my floors. So to maintain clean floors in our home, three minutes is all I need with my Swiffer WetJet Wood. It’s an all-in-one system that’s perfect for hardwood floors. It has a microfiber-like pad that’s really soft and sprays a very light mist that dries in half the time. And since I’m in a race against the clock, this is exactly what this 15-minute house cleaning schedule needs!

Wipe Surface Areas | 2 Minutes

Here is where I go grab my roll of paper towels/cleaning cloths and surface cleaner. I quickly give all the surface areas a wipe down. First I start with the kitchen counters, then the dining room table and lastly the coffee table. Remember, this is not a deep cleaning. Just trying to wipe away any little crumbs, stains or sticky little boy fingerprints.

Times up! That’s the complete 15-minute house cleaning schedule. Totally doable right? And if you have 30 seconds to spare, spray a little air freshener in the air and give yourself a high five! 😉  You now have a much cleaner and tidier home, just like that!

So. do you think you can maintain a clean home with this 15-minute house cleaning schedule?



  1. I need to grab this Swiffer! I love how quickly it dries!

    Madison |

  2. such great tips! I need to get better about setting time limits for cleaning – I can get so distracted and end up doing 4 different cleaning projects haha!

  3. I just got this swiffer and it makes me so happy! It gets all the dog hair and stains off my floor!

  4. Swiffer is literally the best ever. I just started cleaning someone’s home for them, and the first thing I did was have them buy a Swiffer WetJet so I could do the best job with that product. That plus their dusters equals one clean home!

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