Six On Saturday: New Uses For Old Socks

We all have some extra socks lying around that are missing their mates. If you have wondered what to do with those old socks, I have a few ideas….

1) Make a heating pad. Fill a sock with rice and a few drops of relaxing essential oils, like lavender. Tie the end with a ribbon. To heat, microwave for one minute.

2) Protect your wipers. Slip a pair of tube stocks over your windshield wipers on the eve of a storm so you won’t have to deice the blades in the morning.

3) Block that draft. Fill a sock with beans or even old dish towels and place in front of a drafty door or window.
4) Decorative wine bag. Slip a (clean) patterned sock over the bottom of a bottle, then tie a knot in the top to create a decorative carrier. You could always bring two bottles, that way you can also give the gift of toasty toes!
5) Perfect dusting device. Clean hard-to reach places by attaching a sock to the end of a broom and securing with a rubber band. The dirt and lint behind that fridge doesn’t stand a chance!
6) Super shoe protectors. Use athletic socks to sheathe your nicest shoes in a suitcase. This will protect them from wear and tear when you travel.

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