How To Decorate Kitchen Counters - Excellent Ideas & Tips

Kitchen counters are fun to decorate!  But at the same time, can be challenging. 

I have a bunch of tips and ideas to help you add stylish decor to your kitchen counters while still keeping the area functional and tidy.

When it comes to kitchen decor, keeping a neutral color scheme will help this area feel more open and cohesive. 

Consider Neutral Colors

The trick is to make all your decor items multi-functional. This actually leads to my next tip which is a smart way to think when it comes to decorating those counters.

Keep in Mind Storage Space

Make every decor piece do more than one job. For example, this wooden bowl of fruit is obviously keeping beautiful apples in plain sight for the boys to eat.

Functionality Is Key

Now that I’ve shared my tips on selecting your decorative kitchen counter items, let’s talk about the best practical items to display in your kitchen.

A wooden cutting board can add texture, color and create a stunning display when stacked together next to a kitchen backsplash. 

Cutting Boards

Clear glass canisters are one of my favorite kitchen functional items. They are super useful by keeping kitchen staples like flour and sugar within easy reach.  


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