DIY Small Space Home Gym

This diy small space home gym is divided into four different work out zones.

I’m going to share each one individually so you can see all the workout potential one can fit into the tiniest of rooms!

We don’t have a huge amount of dumbbells but that’s ok. I added several different weight combinations, along with a kettlebell and a weight bag.

Zone 1 –  Strength Training

I would like to maybe add a stationary bike at some point, but my favorite way to get cardio is walking. And since we are tight on space – this exercise machine is the must-have for me.

Zone 2 – Cardio

For this area of the room, I added a yoga mat (or two!) and hung some resistance bands on monogram nails spelling the word S-T-R-E-T-C-H. I just love this unique detail to the room!

Zone 3 – Yoga

The last zone is in the corner next to the yoga area. And is piece of equipment is not necessarily something you would find in a traditional home gym.

Zone 4 – Adjustments


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