Creative Ideas on Hanging Kitchen Towels

Display those kitchen towels – don’t hide them away. Let me show how hanging kitchen towels in your kitchen can be both stylish and functional!

There’s a ton of different areas to hang or display decorative kitchen towels. And personally, I think they all look great!

If you want to keep your kitchen towel close by but not necessary on the sink, the dishwasher handle can be a great kitchen towel holder.

Oven or Dishwasher Handle

Hand Drying

Placed next to the kitchen sink, the towel is very visible and accessible for all members of the family and guests. This is one of my favorite ways to hang a kitchen towel!

It’s easy to access but it’s not in the way. So look for a small area in your kitchen that could become a whole lot more useful with just a few pegs installed!

Fresh Towel

Besides drying your hands, kitchen hand towels can also be used as larger napkins and for hosting and serving.

Other Uses for Hand Towel


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