25 Things To  Get Rid Of Now

Can you declutter with no regret? Absolutely! Here are 25 things you can get rid of now with no worries of tossing something you may need later. 

Today I want to share with you a fantastic list of 25 things you can get rid of right now, in the new year, with absolutely no worries that you tossed something you might need one day.

Do you have sheets that have been washed so many times they’re practically translucent? It’s time to let them go!  

Unused Or Old Linens

Damaged Dishes

A chip may not seem like a problem, but over time, water can soak into the plate with every wash, leading to nasty bacteria growth. 

Time to take inventory of your homes towels. There’s a good chance most of them have seen better days! 

Old Torn Or Stained Towels

You might want to hang on to that ancient mascara because it was such an expensive purchase, but using old eye makeup can possibly lead to an unwanted infection.

Expired Makeup


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