Try This Trend: Kitchen Lamps

Give your kitchen some new light! Lamps in the kitchen is a new trend that is gaining in popularity. Discover what types of lamps are best for this area of your home.

So I’ve gathered together some of my favorite inspirational photos – or eye candy if you will – to show this new trend in action!

Don’t get me wrong, my eyes were first instantly drawn to those giant, gorgeous windows. But the pair of striking black lamps were a very close second.

Flanking the Sink

The end of the kitchen counter is a fantastic place to add a lamp. Often this area of the kitchen is further away from a light source.

End of the Kitchen Counter

If the only extra space you have for a lamp is on the island – I still say go for it! This stylish lamp looks fantastic right on the end of that kitchen island.

On the Kitchen Island

The surrounding corner walls or cabinets can also help to bounce the lamp lighting back into the kitchen for a lovely ambiance.

Lamps in the Kitchen Corner

Now of course, you don’t want to set a lamp right by a stove because of cooking splatters. But a couple of feet away will work and work well!

Near the Stove

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