Surprising Home Finds On Amazon

Love shopping Amazon for home decor items? Me too!  Let me show you ten surprising home finds from Amazon.

And I’m going to show you how I’ve styled them in our home as well. Hopefully this helps you get a better feel of how they truly look and the quality.

This black and white dot wallpaper was a fantastic home find! When looking to update our hall closet, this paper added a fun new look.

Black & White Wallpaper

When I was creating our home gym, I was looking for some great modern wall hooks to hang a towel by the treadmill. These were perfect!

Wood and Black Metal Hooks

I’m showing these outdoor but these flameless candles can definitely be used inside as well! I’ve had mine for several years now and they've been fantastic.

Flameless Flickering Candles

I gave our kitchen a little mini refresh a few years back and the whole inspiration for the new look was this rug!

Area Rug

Not only does it provide a ton of storage, allowing more open floor space, but it also adds some warmth and texture to the room as well!

Wall Mount Ladder Bookshelf

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