Stunning Gallery Wall Layout Ideas for Every Decor Style

Gallery walls are a great way to display art in your home! If you have wanted to create one but didn’t know how or where to start, this is gallery wall guide is for you. 

I guarantee, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create a stunning gallery wall.  Any gallery wall idea  you see here, you can do and do well!

For the trio asymmetrical layout, select three pieces that complement each other in terms of color scheme, theme, or perhaps style.

Trio Layout

A super trendy layout! You can go with as few as 4 frames – all the way up to 12! So you can see why this layout is a popular choice for many homes!

Classic Grid Layout

If you have a blank staircase wall, a creative photo gallery wall could be very eye-catching. Just look at how striking this style of gallery wall layout can be! 

Staircase Layout

The corner gallery wall is absolutely perfect idea for any nook with bare walls. This layout uses a large amount of frames in varying sizes, starting in the corner and working your way out.

Corner Nook Layout

If you have an vertical area that’s bare, the vertical gallery wall layout is a great way to add some art to the blank space.

Vertical Stack Layout

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