How to Make an Elegant Peony Eucalyptus Spring Wreath

Bring the new season to your front door with a simple, but elegant peony eucalyptus spring wreath. 

Supplies You’ll Need

grapevine wreath 

floral wire

eucalyptus branches

eucalyptus stems 

peony flower stem

I purchased five stems of peonies to add to my wreath. But I actually think one more stem of four flowers would be perfect. 

Time for Peonies

I started cutting apart the peony flower bunch to make individual flower stems. By separating the flowers, I would then be able to create a nice cluster of flowers on the eucalyptus wreath. 

Cut Flowers

The insertion of the peonies onto the wreath depended upon the length of the stem. If it was on the short side, I tried to just directly insert the stem end into the wreath.

Insert the Peonies

After I finished inserting all the peonies, the wreath was done! For an extra touch of spring, you could add a pretty ribbon too! But I decided to leave it simple. 

Hang the Spring Wreath


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