Spring Starburst Forsythia Wreath

Add a simple touch of spring to your home decor this season with my oh-so-easy starburst forsythia wreath.

Supplies You’ll Need

Grapevine wreath 

Forsythia bush stems 

Floral wire


I started creating this wreath by curving the end of one stem slightly and then laying it on top of the grapevine wreath.

How to Make a Spring Starburst Forsythia Wreath

Once I found my placement, I secured it with a couple of pieces of the floral wire. Then I repeated those same steps with another stem.

I placed the flower end over top of the stem end of the already attached forsythia. Basically my goal here is to not expose any of the plain stem end.

I worked my way around the wreath until I completed the circle with the forsythia. Then I adjusted the stems to cover any gaps or blank spots.


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