Spring Centerpiece with Potted Plants

I wanted to share with you a simple way to create a spring centerpiece for your table. A creative arrangement of a few potted plants is all you need to get that spring feeling in your home!

Supplies You’ll Need



Potting soil

Green moss

I gathered up my other supplies. I needed potting soil and some green moss, which would be great for covering the soil of the less bushy plants!

How To Create a Spring Centerpiece with Potted Plant

Then it was time to get all my leafy green friends into their new pots. After about ten minutes or so, every plant was replanted and ready to be watered.

I remembered an old wood tray I had that displayed candles. I was pretty sure it would be perfect!

Styling Tips for a Spring Centerpiece with Potted Plants

Then I started filling it up with the varying plants. The fern has to take center stage because I love it so and because it’s the biggest.


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