Simple Spring Tablescape with Colorful Blooms

Bring spring to your table with this simple spring table cape decor. A colorful combination of blooms and some fun bunny napkins is really all you need! 

I had every intention of picking a very soft, floral color. But then I saw they had ranunculus flowers in stock and they are one of my all time favorite flowers! 

The stars of this simple spring tablescape are the blooms!

So I picked some ranunculus in a pretty pink and then my eye caught these shockingly gorgeous orange tulips.

To complete the floral centerpiece I added some eucalyptus and chamomile. I’m so glad I chose to be a little more adventurous in my flower color scheme this spring!

First, fold a napkin into thirds. Then, fold lower corners up to meet in center, creating a paper-airplane shape. Flip over the napkin so the seam faces the table.

How To Fold Napkin into Bunny

Fold in the outer edges to meet in the center. Place an egg on pointed tip as a guide. Tie “ears” above it with ribbon or twine, and then nestle the egg into place. 


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