Simple DIY Hall Closet Makeover & Organization Tips

Complete this diy hall closet makeover in just a weekend and gain an organized area that saves you precious time and frustration!



pine board

wood pole socket kit

wood dowel

stud finder

laser level

I got to work and removed the shelf and rod. Then I lightly sanded the walls smooth and finished by vacuuming the whole closet. Now it was time for the fun part – the wallpaper!

Remove Existing Closet Shelf

If you have never tried to use wallpaper before, a closet is a great place to start for several reasons. One, it’s small so the cost of the wallpaper is very affordable.

Give The Closet Walls Some Style

The 1×2 wood boards were used as the shelf bracing. I marked where I wanted to shelves to be by placing a piece of painters tape and then got out my laser lever.

Add Storage Shelves and Rod

I nailed the back wall support boards in first – using a nail gun. And then added the side braces next. You can see in the picture below the braces for the bottom shelf.

I love the look of the natural wood, but all the shelves in our home are painted white. So I decided to prime and paint my new shelves to keep a cohesive look throughout our home.

Paint Shelve


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