Seven Home Gym Design Ideas

A collection of stylin’ home gym ideas for inexpensive ways to create a workout area that will inspire you no matter the size or limitations!

So let me share some home gyms I have found. Each one is full of fabulous ideas of how to make a small home gym stylin! And then I will show you the design board I’ve planned for our home gym.

Use the walls to keep track of your workout schedule! Love this earthy feel of concrete and using what you got to it’s full potential!

Unfinished Look

This home gym is has everything you could need for a great workout. And look at how much style that one (very energetic) focal wall adds to the room. 

Focal Wall

We all know exercising is work, why not make the room encouraging a fun to look at while you’re there sweating away.

Fun Workout Art

A pegboard is very affordable way to get all your workout equipment off the floors and easily within reach. Use those walls to help you keep that valuable floor space open! 

Pegboard Organization

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