How To Make An Epic Charcuterie Board

Entertain friends and family easily this summer with a fun charcuterie board. I’m teaching how to make an epic one in just seven simple steps! 

I promise you, the appearance of this board will WOW your guests. They’ll think you spent a ton of money and time on the spread – but in actuality, you didn’t.  It’s ok, your secret will be safe with me.

So obviously to create a charcuterie board you need a board. I selected to use a slate board because I love the stone black backdrop! But any type of wood board would work great. 

Gather Supplies

The first ingredient is of course, the cheese! My advice is to have a nice selection. Get a mixture of textures (soft, hard, crumbly), strengths, colors and shapes (for a visual interest).  

It Begins With Cheese

Popular meats for a charcuterie board are prosciutto, salami, or sausage. For our board I used pepperoni and smoked turkey. For your vegetarian friends, nuts are always popular item to add.  

Touch Of Salty

For sweet items, fruit is the answer! You can choose dried or fresh because either type will compliment a charcuterie board nicely. 

Something Sweet


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