How To Make A  Small Bathroom Look More Luxurious

Have you always wondered how to make a small bathroom look luxurious? Here are six ways you can instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Our hall bathroom is a small typical sized bathroom but with a few changes, we made the space feel totally different. Now it’s the most luxurious bathroom in our whole house!

Let the light into your small bathroom and keep it flowing by incorporating uncovered windows, glass shower doors and even skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows if possible.

Natural Light

So if you want a more luxurious bathroom I suggest adding a fresh coat of paint in a calming neutral color. Some of the best choices would be whites, creams, and grays.

Paint Colors

A dark color on the floor space is a great way to add contrast to a neutral white color throughout a bathroom. This is why I went with a black hexagon style tile in our bathroom makeover.


A little bit of wallpaper can go a long way, especially when it’s a bold neutral hue that works well with the décor already in the bathroom.

Focal Point

Using natural elements like marble, stone and wood creates a stunning and calming effect. And that was the look I absolutely wanted!

Natural Materials


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