How To Arrange Tulips in a Vase

I’m sharing all my best tips  and tricks on how to arrange tulips for a simple flower arrangement you'll enjoy for days to come!


Local flower shop

Grocery store

Online - I share my favorite stores to shop!

My top pick - Trader Joe's!

When I’m creating flower arrangements, I like to work with smaller openings. But since tulips have thicker leaves, you can definitely use a wider opening as well. 

How To Choose  Your Vase

When shopping for tulips, look for tulips that are tight, but are showing a good amount of color. 

Be Picky

Don’t cut the tulip stems too short the first time. It’s better to cut them too long, and trim again if necessary. 

Careful When  Trimming

Don’t worry if there is a rogue tulip that sticks out too far or if the colors are a little off. You can have beautiful arrangements without going for perfection.

Resist Tweaking Your Arrangement

When it comes to learning how to arrange tulips, you really don’t need to mess with them much at all! 

Let Tulips Do  Their Thing!


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