Decorative Ways to  Display Cutting Boards In A Kitchen

Discover how to display cutting boards in your kitchen while still maintaining a tidy and minimalist look!

We are going beyond simply placing a cutting board on the kitchen counter (even though I love that look) and exploring more creative displays!

If you have open shelving in your kitchen, take advantage of this area to display a few smaller cutting boards.

Style on Shelves

If you have glass kitchen cabinet shelves, tuck a few cutting boards in here as well. They will be easy to access and they will add some beautiful texture to your kitchen cabinets too!

Place In Cabinets

That’s right, cutting boards can make a gorgeous artistic statement when hung on a kitchen wall.

Hang On A Wall

If you have the counter space, the kitchen counter is great place to display a stack of cutting boards.

Stack on Kitchen Counter

Think outside the board if you will and use it as a great place to organize cooking essentials right next to the stove.

Turn A Board Into A Tray for Multi-Use


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