The Best Fake Plants That Look Real

Find a collection of the best fake plants – including tips on where to buy , how to style and what to look for in a faux plant so it always looks real!

If you lack a green thumb and struggle to keep real plants alive for longer than a week – you have come to the right place! There definitely seems a trick to keeping live plants thriving.

Artificial house plants have not always been trending like they currently are now. We have all seen the really bad, cheap-looking plastic ones that you can spot a mile away!

Tips When Shopping For Fake Plants

-Go For Plastic-y Looking Plants -Plastic Over Silk Plants -Stems Are Multi-use -Steer Clear Of Too Decorative -Read Reviews 

Here’s What I Look For When Buying Fake Plants

-Afloral -Amazon -CB2 -Crate & Barrel -Michaels -Pottery Barn -Target

Best Places To Shop for Faux Plants

My Top Picks of Fake Plants

Even though artificial greenery can be much more affordable than the real deal, you get what you pay for with the faux version.

The number one tip you want to keep in mind is to think of your fake plant like a real plant.

How To Style Fake Plants In Your Home


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