8 Easy Kitchen Island Centerpiece Decorating Ideas & Tips


When it comes to decorative items for your kitchen island, there are so many great ideas and styles. You can go with very elaborate to super simple.

Let me show you some kitchen island centerpiece ideas you’re sure to love.  By the way, most of these centerpieces would look lovely on a dining table as well!

Sometimes when I’m craving a very open and clutter-free kitchen, I will keep my decor very simple with just a beautiful floral arrangement. That’s it.

Beautiful Flower Arrangement

If you don’t want to run out to the grocery store for some flowers, another great option for your kitchen island is a vase full of green branches and a bowl of fresh fruit!

Simple Green Branches with Fruit

Want to keep it even simpler? You can go with just a fruit bowl. I’ve done it many of times. Just pick any fruit that compliments your current kitchen color scheme.

One And Done

The best place for a tray is your kitchen island. It offers a great collective style and easily allows you to add a few accessories in a very organized fashion!

Decorative Tray Display

To recreate this kitchen island decorating idea, you could simply place one single plant in a basket and be done.

Plants Make A Lovely Focal Point

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