7 Elegant Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

Keep your seasonal decorating simple and elegant with these easy minimalist fall decor ideas!

 Let’s make a few simple changes or updates that will help us celebrate the new season and enjoy all the cozy feel and charm fall has to offer!

Take a look at all your previous fall decor. And if you don’t love it, donate it and remove even more clutter you don’t need in your home.

Shop Your Home and Reuse

Swap An Outdoor Rug (or Two)

The front door is a great way to add some fall decor a tad earlier than inside your home. So if you’re not quite ready to add seasonal touches, start with the front porch first.

A quick change of your walls art work is one of my favorite minimalist fall decor ideas. It’s so easy and there are so many great options of prints to be found for really cheap or even free.

Update Wall Art

As the evenings get cooler, the throw blankets start appearing! Throws are one of my favorite ways to add coziness and texture to any room's home decor.

Toss In A Cozy Throw

Instead of replacing all the pillows, a simple idea is to swap out two or three. Just a couple new fall velvet pillows can give a room a completely different feel.

Change Throw Pillows


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