3 Simple, But Pretty Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

You bought the gifts and now it’s time to wrap them up. Here are three easy Christmas gift wrap ideas you can do fast!

My three guidelines when it comes to Christmas gift wrap is color, ribbon, and accessories.

Don’t let the looks of this gift wrap fool you. This present only took me about five minutes from start to finish. First wrap your package in your favorite wrapping paper.

Greenery Wreath 

Then take a long stem of blue spruce or redwood (I find mine at Trade Joe’s). Bend the stem into a circle and tie the ends together with floral wire.

After you have wrapped your gift, take some ribbon and add a few jingle bells. My boys love these bells and I have to admit, the little girl in me does too!

Ribbon and Bell

The last idea I have for you is very simple as well. I took some cedar greenery and cut off about six stems. After I wrapped my gift, I put on the ribbon.

Evergreen Star

Then I placed the greenery on with the stem ends in the center of the package. Working my way around the package, I made a star-like pattern.


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