13 Easy Ideas For  Decorating  Above The Bed

Looking for some above bed decor ideas? You are at the right place. I have a ton of inspiration and tips you’ll love for decorating above the bed

The ideas are really endless but I’ve narrowed down the list to my top 13 ideas for decorating above the bed! I will give you real-life examples of classic and timeless ways to decorate this blank space above your bed.

A gallery wall can create a great focal point in the bedroom that will instantly draw your eye up – all the way to the ceiling – as soon as you enter the room. 

Arrange A Gallery Wall

Why not display a favorite collection over your bed? Love this look of raffia hats hung on the wall – especially for the summer months! 

Display A Collection Of Hats

Another fantastic way to decorate the wall behind your bed is with wainscotting. This may not be the quickest project but man – can it make a huge impact on your bedrooms decor. 

Create An Accent Wall With Wainscotting

A very popular option is to hang a simple round mirror over the bed. Not only is this a very classic look, but also a great way to reflect more light throughout the room.

Keep It Simple By Adding A Mirror

A great way to fill that empty space above the bed is with a fantastic headboard. The higher the height of the headboard, the more your eye is drawn up. 

Use A Taller Headboard


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