10 Simple Ideas for Spring Decoration

Adding spring to your home doesn’t mean you need a bunch of rabbits and eggs placed on every surface. Rather, all you need are just a few inexpensive changes that you can do in mere minutes.

Let me share with you ten easy and inexpensive spring decorating ideas, tips and tricks to help you take your home from winter to spring in no time!

Decluttering will not only give you a clean home for spring but also make you more aware of all the decor currently displayed in your home as well.

Declutter and Freshen Up

Spring is the perfect time to replace some of the linens in your home. Change out heavier textured pillows (like velvet) for some lighter and brighter fabrics.

Lighten Up Linens

When everything outside is brown and you need some new life in your home – plants are perfect! Plants are obviously great to have in your home year-round. 

Add Some New Plants

I suggest to pick subtle blue, pinks and greens to give your home a fresh spring vibe.

Bring In Subtle Spring Colors

Maybe trash those mini dead Christmas trees that are flanking your door (that would be me!) and add some new spring updates like a new doormat and rug!

Update Your Front Door


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