Rock Kitchen  Counter Organization  In A Styling Way

A well organized kitchen is such a beautiful sight to behold.  Turn your kitchen counter organization into a display that's functional and stylin’!

I crave organization like Patrick Swayze needs Baby.  And nobody puts Baby in a disorganized corner!  And sometimes that organization needs a little update. That’s exactly what happened to my kitchen counter organization tray.

When picking a tray,  look for one that's wide enough to fit everything you need without adding extra clutter to the kitchen counters.

Start With A Great Tray

The concrete detail of the canisters seems to fit seamlessly into the kitchen decor. And I love the color contrast they add to the tray and the kitchen. 

Utensil Holders

I've had these oil bottles for years because they work great, they look stylish and they’re so practical.  

Oil Bottles

This salt cellar caught my eye because of that tiny little wood scoop that fits inside. How adorable is that?! 

Salt Cellar

I always love the opportunity to add a tiny pop of green to my kitchen. And this kitchen counter organization tray is no different! 



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