How To Update The Backyard Deck Quickly

All we needed was one day to give the backyard deck a quick update! Come see how some rocks, paint and a few lights gave new life to a tired deck.

Our backyard deck is one of our favorite spots to relax and enjoy the warm summer months.

We removed the grass from around the tree and laid down some landscape fabric and then placed no-dig edging on top. 

First | Add Some Edging and Rocks

Then we filled in the area with extra gravel rocks from our yard. This one change already made the deck area look so much better! 

I grabbed my handy sander and gave the whole side of the deck a quick sanding. After a quick dusting, it was time for some paint.

Second |  Sand and Paint

I bought these solar powered deck step lights that were super easy to install and work wonderfully!

Third |  Add Some Lights


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