How to Make a Tulip Grapevine Spring Nest

Create a fun spring nest for your home with this easy step by step tutorial.

Supplies You’ll Need

plant pot

grapevine garlands

floral clippers



wetfom brick

Start by unwinding the grapevine garlands. Then wrap them around the pot, overlapping so to cover completely. 

How to Make the Grapevine Spring Nest

Then cut pieces of the brown wire to secure the two garlands together. You don’t have to cut many – I only used two or three pieces of the wire.

Next, fill a large container with water and place the foam directly on top. Don’t push down into the water, rather allow the foam to soak up all the water.

Place the saturated foam back into the wrapped grapevine pot and then start inserting your florals into the foam.


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