How To Make A Fun Easter Charcuterie Board

Celebrate Easter with a fun Easter Charcuterie Board! Full of fresh fruit, veggies and Easter candy, it’s a great way to entertain and snack.


Jelly Beans


Butterfly Crackers

Easter Cookies

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Veggies

Ranch Dip

Chocolate Easter Candy

I really wanted to showcase my fancy butterfly crackers in the shape of a carrot, so I positioned that on the board before everything else. 

Place Centerpiece First

Bowls can often take up room, so you want them on the board earlier rather than later. 

Small Bowls Next

Try to keep color balanced throughout the board. For example - notice the placement of raspberries and tomatoes. 

Balance Color

Try to offer many options for sweet and salty so that everyone can satisfy their snack cravings!

Variety Is Key!

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