How To Easily Install Beadboard In A Bathroom

Ever wanted to add beadboard to your home? Find out just how easy it is to install beadboard in a bathroom in a matter of hours! 

There are so many great thing about beadboard. I love the texture and interest it adds to a space. And best of all, it’s a very budget-friendly way to update your walls!

I painted the top half of the walls a new color, Repose Gray by Benjamin Moore. If you are going to wallpaper or paint like me, I suggest doing it first before applying the beadboard and trim. 

Start With Top Half Of Wall

I also painted two pieces of the white beadboard (that would be placed near the toilet) with a coat of paint before installing since painting paneling in tight spaces can be super tricky! 

Paint Beadboard

Before installing any paneling, the next step is to use the stud finder to mark the studs in the entire room. I just grabbed some painters tape to mark them for easy reference. 

Find And Mark Studs

Be sure to cut the paneling so that the beads line up properly for a continuous look. You’ll want to measure and mark for outlet covers and pipes.

Measure and Cut Beadboard


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