How To Create A Pretty Moss Basket Container Garden

Add a unique moss basket container garden to your front door or backyard deck with this easy step by step tutorial!


Woven baskets

Table runner

Craft scissors

Hanging basket pot

Potting soil


Plant food

I grabbed the smaller basket first and found the mid-way point. Then I started to unweave the basket cording.

Start Unweaving

After I cleared a section, I measured it. Basically I just used my fingers width as a guide because this doesn’t have to be exact. Then I cut the strip out of the moss table runner.

Cut Strip Of Moss

Then with the cut strip, weave it under a basket side support cord like I did. Keep weaving until your two ends meet in the back. Tuck or weave any access moss into the basket.

Weave Moss In

So for the large basket, I placed a small bucket upside down and placed it inside of the basket to rest on the bottom of the container.

Filling The Basket Container Garden

For the smaller basket, all I had to do was place the hanging basket inside. No extra steps needed because it was a great fit already!


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